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News: Bello Verde announces the purchase of the custom clothier Astor & Black.

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Custom Package Specials
FOR 3 DAYS ONLY, purchase a custom suit package on one of our gift cards and receive 10% off!
All custom packages include 3 custom suits, 3 custom shirts, and 3 handmade ties

Neckwear Package Deals
Purchase 5 Classic Collection ties for only $180! (regularly priced $65/ea, PROMO CODE: SHARK65)

Purchase 3 Private Label or Legacy Collection ties for only $225! (regularly priced $125/ea, PROMOCODE: SHARK125)

Logo Merch Package
Lounge in style with our super soft logo gear. One knit hat, one pull-over or zip sweatshirt, and one t-shirt for $90! (PROMO CODE: LOGO)

Visit to view the Bello Verde episode on Shark Tank.

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