The Suit

Bello Verde Suit MeasurementOur team holds over 50 combined years in the custom clothing industry so you can be confident that your garments will be of the highest quality in the business. We offer multiple options in manufacturing to fit yours and your customers’ pricing needs, but we promise you complete satisfaction at all levels. Every suit is fully canvassed and includes all custom features in detailing. We’ve already done the work of gathering a vast array of suiting models for your clients to choose from, but should you want to get creative and design something unique for them, we can do that too!




Bello Verde CreateChoose what level of hand-work goes into your garments; machine make, half hand, full hand. Even the most discerning eye may not be able to tell the difference, which is great! Now you have the opportunity to set your price based on your client's budget. Our machine made garment obviously provides the best value, but in all reality, this construction often holds up better under normal wear and tear. The full-hand option, however, is for those with a deep appreciation in the heritage and exclusivity of a custom tailored suit completely hand-sewn by a master tailor. Bello Verde not only seeks to offer the highest quality in custom made garments, but we also offer the greatest value on CMT so you can pass that savings on to your customer.



The Fabric

The FabricAs you may have noticed by now, we’ve mastered this industry inside and out. It should come as no surprise that we have close relationships with the biggest names in fabric. Your client will most certainly recognize famous mills like that of Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabal, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Reda, Marzoni, and more. We invite you to use our purchasing power to receive the best pricing on the finest fabrics in the world. All wholesale clients will receive a list of costs per yard for the specific fabrics they wish to carry. Should you have your own cloth to provide, we can work with you to get your fabrics shipped to production.




The Order

Bello Verde CreateThe benefits of working with Bello Verde to produce your custom clothing brand is in the comprehensive ordering system. Our back-end order placement process ensures you gather all the necessary measurements and information to complete your order while our one-on-one live help is there to answer any of your questions along the way.




The Measurements

The FabricThe transformative experience of wearing a custom-made suit is one of the greatest selling points we have in this business. It’s all about the fit! That’s why we take up to 30 measurements on the client’s body to ensure a custom fit every time. We will provide you with the necessary tools to learn exactly how measurements should be taken on the body and on garments themselves so together we can create an exceptional final product.





Bello Verde CreateThere’s a lot of information to gather from your client in order to build a custom-made creation. When you finally sit down to place that order, sometimes mistakes can happen. Our Central Order Processing Team is here to help. In this final step of the process, your order is reviewed for accuracy in measurements, fabrics, and options before the final release into production. Should there be any problems or possible fabric outages, we’ll work with you to correct it or find a replacement fabric to match. It’s just one more level of quality control that gives you confidence and peace of mind.





The FabricUnder most circumstances, your final garments will be shipped directly to you so you can personally deliver them to your client. Should you need us to ship directly to your client, no worries! Arrangements can be made to store your branded materials for such instances. We’ll take the time to make sure your suits are steamed, placed in your own garment bags, and then shipped inside full length wardrobe boxes. You can rest easy knowing your product will arrive in style upon delivery to your client.